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  • What delivery options are available?
    We currently offer two delivery options for getting your order to you: 1. Buy online; we'll ship to your home address. 2. Or buy online and pick up your item at the store.
  • What is the return policy?
    When you purchase an item from Ahitel, you have 30 days to exchange it. Refund is not allowed.
  • What is the timeframe for delivery in Haiti?
    It will depends on the shipping option you choose. For example, it can take anywhere between 15 days to 30 days.
  • How do I edit my order?
    If you want to modify your order for any reasons, you can call us, or fill out the contact form on this website.
  • Does Ahitel offer discount on bulk order?
    Yes. If you are buying in bulk we will offer you the best price.
  • How do I pay for my order?
    We accept all major credit cards and Paypal. But you can also place your order at the store if you want to pay cash for your items.
  • Can I pick up my items at the store?
    Yes. You can pick up your items from the store. Call us if you need more info.
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